Ages 5 -13

Skill Level:

        Beginner to Advanced

This program has no prerequisites! The curriculum is created for all skill levels and is designed to be FUN! Each session is customized for the enjoyment of the students.

Class Size:

        25 Maximum

Course Description

Roblox uses educational STEM principles which enable the students to collaborate in a group environment therefore developing communication skills, analytical, and social expression. The students will enjoy a variety of multiplayer experiences mastering loops, creating terrain and learn Lua programming language. 

All students must enroll for their account on PRIOR to class and bring their sign in information to class. Failure to do so will mean the student can NOT participate. 


All of our programs are student-led and mentored by our trained volunteer Leaders in the Leadership Academy but supervised by adults. These Leaders are hands on in the curriculum which makes the classes unique, interactive and ALWAYS FUN! 

Once in our program, your child may have the opportunity to join the volunteer Leadership Academy!

Read more on our website or contact us for more information. We are creating involvement, group interaction, collaborative thinking, problem solving, pubic speaking and self worth. Everyone is taught to be involved and be an important part of the group as we are developing Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Hours & Tuition

Spring Break, Summer & Winter Camps are week long sessions.

Combo with MinecraftEdu Morning camp to make a full day and we will give the lunch time FREE (just pack a lunch).

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Refunds are unavailable for pre-purchased programs

We do not provide food or refreshments.