Leadership ACademy

Leadership payment

The Leadership Academy is a special program for those who are ready to take on responsibility and commitment.

While under adult supervision, select students develop the skills to become group leaders. The leaders take on the responsibility to assist the instructor, design programs, and contribute to the learning of others. This is a proven methodology in which students learn easier from role models, succeed higher, develop business skills and aspire to become the next entrepreneur.


The Leadership Academy Scholarship Awards Committee will release the requirements, criteria, and application form for the Scholarship Award. Every year based on donations, LASA awards a partial college scholarship to a deserving Leadership Academy student. The scholarship award ceremony will be during the annual fundraising Gala, date to be announced.

Application Requirements
  1. Complete the scholarship application form

  2. Submit transcript graduation documentation

  3. Submit two letters of recommendation from persons associated with applicant’s extracurricular and community services

  4. Write and submit an essay of at least twelve hundred (1200) words on the subject: If you were to develop something, what would it be and how will it impact the world

Eligibility for the scholarship
  • The student should have a connection to the community of Brevard County, Florida

  • He or she must have graduated elementary 

  • Have completed one year of the Leadership Academy in satisfactory standing

Selection Criteria
  • Completion and score in the Leadership Academy

  • Extracurricular Activities (school, workplace, church, etc.)

  • Community Involvement

  • Essay: Submission instructions are included in the scholarship application form.